If any addict is over reliant on alcohol and alcohol, this can lead to psychological problems. such addicts need medical treatment and psychiatric treatment. In patient and out patient treatment services, in patient alcohol and drugs for 1 month of treatment is subjected to a very difficult problem to treat addicts, drug consumption is heavily reliant on central and instructions will appear when the person is realizable, and so were some of the common methods of medical treatment facilities are provided, and psychiatric


A person who succumbs to all sorts of pains and loses money, property, relationships, love, and comes to such a centre to get rid of it and receive proper guidance in order to recover and recover this is because intoxicating to make such a decision because there are thoughts, no responsibilities, no trust, no love, no life in the world so when they are well guided they are enlightened and enrolled in such a center

Aftercare, followup

This will enable all beneficiaries who receive treatment at our centre to attend an anonymous aphrodisiac (AA) meeting at the omai centre for a month and share the experience of addiction free life. the consultant is advised to seek counseling through a consultation and to review beneficiaries level of conversion by visiting the home from our centre .