Inpatient care

Treating addicts who are addicted to drugs is a serious problems,and withdrawal indications for a person who is heavily dependent on alcohol and alcohol dependence follows the following therapies for psychological problems

  1. First detoxification therapy

  2. De addiction therapy
Individual counseling

The addict enrolled at our centre will undergo personal counseling 12 times until he is treated and rehabilitated personal counseling is a form of therapy that can help the addict to personally identify and address the underlying causes of his addiction through the counseling of the addict

Family Counseling

Family counseling is a form of therapy in addiction to personal counseling, where family members are subjected to counseling 8 times until the addict is treated and rehabilitated as is the case for the addicted person at the centre the family counseling can be used to help addicts get away with evil, to gather more information about addiction from family members and to comply with the information provided by the addict and the family members

Group counseling

Group counseling is a form of therapy until the addict is treated and rehabilitated group consultation is conducted 20 times create groups and give them some ideas make them discuss each other his movement group consultation is helpful in understanding temperament.

Community service

Instead of identifying specific communities and changing a person go to areas where he lives raise awareness about health educate people about the dangers of bad habits in still moral strength and train vocational skills not just word of mouth, but also helps to keep people out of the vicious cycle of street drams, poster cards and posting health related posts


Unemployment is one of the problems that a person is subject to if he or she has a bad habit because of this during the course of this treatment there is a life saving program that offer handicraft training programs that enable you to live on your own feet after leaving Each person has their own skills but is not aware of their abilities due to evil deeds, so threy are trained and trained in their abilities Training is a skilled professional who is not just a person but also an awareness of life skills can help you start a good lifestyle this can be done in the center as well as in the society wherever people are most vulnerable by conducting training programs on abstinence by surveying the most vulnerable areas

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