Target Groups

The zones have been identified, especially for the construction of an addiction free society.

  • Women as victims of alcohol and drugs.
  • Kids, Slum Kids, Street kids, kids street kids.
  • young peoples.
  • wage workers.
  • men between the ages of 18 and 29 are more vulnerable to addiction.
  • Persons and children like those in persons.


My name is Gajanan he is auto driver in karwar I have known surabi centre for about 3 years and this is institute is working well I enlisted my friends and relatives for this agency every one is free from evil and living a good life today I wish this institute would do more and more Thank you

My name is vital baadkar I am working as a stucco mestri doing the work I was originally living in the khb colony in karwar I am very aware of this oragniztion as it is also working. The institute is doing well and treatment is good and it is doing well to free the addicted person from the crime

My name is Manjunath naik principals of nursing college kajubag karwar I dated 06-08-2018 unexpecedly visited the surabi addiction centre and I was really delighted to find it here when we look at the effects of alcoholism especially the speed with which our young people are victims and indeed fear for the future organization is doing a great job in this situation.

Shri Wilson fernandes social worker baithkol karwar I have trated so many people at surabee rehabilation centre all therapists are living a life of addiction make your efforts worthwhile your efforts to preserve the social comfort that alcohol addicts can take advantage of here and maintain harmony with their health and family I wish you successin this endeavor

I am suraj name changed I live in nandangadda in karwar city and my wife and children live together work in a mortar.I have been a victim of alcohol addiction for about 8 years and I have sent my wife home after a long battle with this addiction one day my wife told me that this is a hospital for drinking and their activities at this centre such as meditation, prayer, healing and the atmosphere here, helped me to be free addiction feeling better soon after arriving here would fee better

After receiving this treatment the whole family was living happily even after and what I lost in my life,I have regained everthing since moving here I have built my own home and lived a good life like every one else I am cheerleader for the surabee organization which has given way to family where so many people like me have rained their lives

Succes story


Mr. Halesha.Y

Project Director

Dr.Vijayraj. N

Medical Officer

Smt. Sunita Anvekar

Yoga therafist




Ward boy





Kum. Pooja N Gunagi


Kum. Ranjani B Gouda

Staff Nurse

Smt. Rashmi Argekar

Staff Nurse

Smt. Poornima Gunagi