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Alcohol is a part of our society. people use it to celebrate socialize relax and enhance the enjoyment of the game almost 90 percentage of adults have consumed alcohol at some time in their life. time using certain items from time immemorial to enjoying human co existence using a mix of festive herbs to make fun of festive feasts history has shown that such things were relaxing to the mind to reduce the severity of the pain we used some medium and some materials to give war heroes a sense of well being and to give their minds a medium to enjoy there is a reference to the angels drinking a drink made of herbs called somrasa on special occasion.

Thus the practice of consuming alcohol was limited creativity is a special quality for men motivated by the fact that many case the mind has learned to consume the medical and the subconscious in order to forget the pain of the mind without trying to solve it in any real way and I thought it would be even more gratifying but never thought of the consequences.

As civilization grew the human desire for money increased the thirst for earnings increased with the merchant sentiment it’s a field of middle and intoxicating society move rapidly in india as well as various kinds of social problem of alcohol and drug consumption is causing several problems this is evil preventation should be done with a deeper thought awareness of the dangers of consuming these substances in the young and only addiction can alienate society and adolescents

Drug Addiction

Alcohol Addiction

Smoking Addiction



  • Eliminate the social and social consequences of drugs.

  • Comprehensive awareness and education of all types of drug addicts in all sectors of society.

  • Identifying and providing services to the community and promoting optimization and creating a holistic addiction free society by completely freeing the addict from the middle and upper.

  • Collection of research training documents and related information and maintaining the above objectives.

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All individuals are living a good relationship with every one at the beginning relationships with friends, environment, circumstances problems motive a man to commit such evil then the person will not get out of it and will end up suffering for the rest of his life

That would be impossible to build a new life all over again rather then the whole life of the flesh is in the centre of the filing of these actions, together with better treatment from the health the evil of fixing new life far from the case, recognizing the right such as those of them trained in the art of a new life after the treatment from the sunny the firm is well suited to undertake intended to have subsidiary to buy the family was relieved to find them so nice to have such treatment groups had similar those who are accompanied person is freed from the ingestion of peel others were given guidelines for the proper treatment of the addict is admitted to be addicted

Approach and stragies:

The following stragies are used to achieve the objectives of medical Treatment:- personal counseling, family counseling, group discussion, and activities such as formal and informal education.

  1. Involving friends, relatives, family and rehabilitated beneficiaries in a close consultation.
  2. Providing in patient and out patient treatment services by transforming comprehensive addiction treatment centers into treatment units.
  3. strengthening the sustainable administrative trained and service-minded human resources system.
  4. Rehabilitation of persons with addiction to alcohol and drugs and drug addiction
  5. conduct anonymous spinal patient meeting.
  6. informing financial rehabilitation for addicts.
  7. increasing public participation in the prevention of alcohol and drugs.
  8. conducting short plays on the misconceptions and disadvantages of these materials in community centers.
  9. NGO’S hold meetings and tell people about the disadvantages of these substances through specialist lectures.
  10. Distributing leaflets and organizing small workshops and programs at school colleges.
  11. visual media print media should devote a column or page to report the effects of weekly and moderate consumption.
  12. Identify dependents and inform them of treatment and recovery programs available to dependent persons.